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Any commercial refrigerator owner dreads having a damaged fridge because that means the business will probably slow down. It can be frustrating when this happens. You should hire a professional repair service that will fix the issue right away.

When you have a service that you can trust to fix the problem fast and efficiently, you will rest easy knowing that your business will not grind to a halt because of a damaged appliance.

If you are looking for a reliable commercial refrigerator repair service call us for any repair and maintenance issues. We are reputable commercial refrigerator repair experts that have worked with various clients in the area.

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How to Know When Your Refrigerator Is Broken?

Most commercial appliance owners may not know when an appliance like a refrigerator may need an inspection by a professional. When a problem is not handled right away, it becomes more expensive to repair. Sometimes, the situation may call for a replacement. No one wants to face the expenses of a replacement, so it is best to be familiar with the signs that you need repairs. Here is what to look for.

Refrigerator Not Powering Up

If the commercial refrigerator is not powering that means you will risk losing a lot of food. If the problem is not a faulty switch or cord, you should call us immediately. We will check the appliance and see where the problem lies, which will allow us to fix it right away. Remember, a timely commercial refrigerator repair also ensures that the appliance does not break down again.

Frost Build-up in Freezer

An efficient refrigerator will not have frost build-up because it is manufactured with an automatic defroster. If you have already tried to adjust the defrost cycle in your fridge and the problem is still occurring, you should call the professionals to handle it.

Clogged Dain Line

A clogged drain line results in ice dams n your drain pan. If this is an issue you are having with the fridge, call a professional to check the drain and ensure that the problem is handled immediately.

Problematic Refrigerator Compressors

A damaged compressor will cause the unit to stop cooling food as it should. Without fixing the issue right away, you risk losing your food and incurring losses when you have to throw out any contaminated food.

Call our commercial refrigerator repair services to get the issue sorted right away.

Dompro Refrigerator Repair Service In Sarasota, Fl

Refrigerator Repair

If you notice any of the above issues, call our technicians to solve them right away. Refrigerator issues can often be more complicated than they seem. It is best to call a commercial refrigerator repair professional instead of trying to fix the problem yourself or relying on an untrained person.

Refrigerator Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the unit by a professional team will reduce the chances of a breakdown. It also ensures that your daily productivity is not affected by keeping things running smoothly.

Why Choose DomPro, LLC?

Dompro, Llc - Epa Certified Refrigerato Repair Service In Sarasota, Fl

Certified And Licensed – Working with our company guarantees the clients the highest quality of repairs because we are a licensed service. The staff is trained and knows the issues that make your unit damaged, which means that these can be handled quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, the technicians are certified appliance repair and maintenance experts who have handled numerous models of commercial refrigerators.

Experienced – Our technicians are experts in commercial refrigerator repair. They have solutions for your fridge’s damage, and we can advise on how to prevent future breakdowns of the appliance. When you call us to check out your damaged unit, we can diagnose the problem and fix it effectively.

Availability – We know the importance of a fully functioning commercial refrigerator, which is why we will come to you without delays once you call us to do repairs or routine maintenance on your unit. We handle the malfunctioned refrigerator with expertise and get you back to business within the shortest time possible.

Reputable – We have handled refrigerator repairs for many clients. They can all attest to our integrity and honesty. We aim to maintain a long professional relationship with our clients, which is why we always give high-quality standards.

Reach out to our commercial refrigerator repair service by calling us at (877) 985-8326.